Broke Til Payday

Band Members 

KC Westfort -(Guitar, Vocals)
Matt Baumann (Drums)
James Erwin (Bass, Vocals)



Date Formed 

January, 2009
Photo by Kat Brkljacic


Broke Til Payday was originally formed in 2009 by KC Westfort (guitars/vocals) with Kevin Sidlar (percussion) playing country and folk music. After a period of inactivity, the band was joined by Matt Baumann and James Erwin in early 2012. After a ton of jams, the band's sound solidified into a mixture of punk rock and heavy metal. The band has released an EP (I Hate Country Music) in 2012 and another full-length album (Made in Canada) was recorded in 2013 and released digitally. The band has opened for the likes of Dayglo Abortions, Greber and Skull Fist and performed Hank III songs at the Cover Show in 2012.

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