Caught In The Crossfire

Band Members 

Andrew Wojciechowski (vocals)
Ken Lessy (vocals / 3rd guitar)
Mattias O'Connell (lead guitar)
Thomas Tezky (rhythm guitar)
Ryan Stilla (bass)
Ryan Cannon (drums)



(807) 251-8125


Caught in the crossfire started out as a previous project with Thomas Tezky, Ken Lessy, and Ryan Stilla. When things fell through with their former band mates Ken approached Andrew Wojciechowski about possibly doing some vocals and lyrics for their new band. After the first jam it was clear there were some pieces missing but too much potential to ignore so Andrew suggested his brother in law Mattias O'Connell join on lead guitars. After the first song was done there was an idea for dual vocals brought to the table at which point Ryan Cannon was asked to replace Ken on drums. Once that final piece was added the writing process began and Caught in the Crossfire was born.

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