Formed 2003, in the icy grip and hard terrain of Northern Canada, the founding members packed up their lives and ventured to the nearest Urban center (and conveniently the Geographical Center of Canada): Winnipeg Manitoba. Upon arrival, Dreadnaut kicked off their live debut with a bang. Performing at the legendary live venue The Zoo Cabaret, Dreadnaut’s hometown popularity immediately began to grow. Legions of metal fans began attending Dreadnaut shows due to the chaotic, high energy live assault, and non stop mosh pit that ensues at every show. Dreadnaut wasted no time in producing a product. By the summer of 2004 the band released their debut self titled six song E.P. that was voted “Top 3 local albums of the year” in the “Best of Winnipeg” edition of weekly entertainment magazine The Uptown. A year of sold out shows in Central Canada found Dreadnaut performing high profile bills such as Junofest (Canadian Grammy’s) in 2005 and headlining the Manitoba Rock’s outdoor festival organized by Modern Rock radio station Freq 107. In 2005 Dreadnaut released their 1st full-length album titled “A New Design”. The album was quick to be picked up by Central Canadian Rock Stations and to this day remains one of the top requests on Freq 107. The regional success of “A New Design” grew the bands fan base even more and led to them selling out larger concerts such as the 700+ concert theaters and all ages venues in their home town. With no official distribution, Dreadnaut managed to sell in excess of 1000 copies of their EP and 2000 copies of their debut full length CD off stage as well as hundreds of merch items ranging from stickers, baby Ts, T-shirts, hoodies, posters etc..!! In addition the band has enjoyed increasing popularity on line, and as a result their public forum: www.myspace.com/dreadnaut has received over 140,000 plays to date with a growing number of 200+ plays each day. As well the site has drawn fans, promoters and industry inquires as far as Europe, Asia and the United States. Dreadnuat continues to update their fans with weekly blogs, pictures and video clips. Expectations are high, and the level of anticipation increases every day for the release of Dreadnaut’s sophomore full length album titled:, "A Taste of What's to Come". Dreadnaut has joined forces with Award winning producer Brandon Friesen, to create a product set to match the level of the band’s growing popularity. In an effort to expand there fan base Dreadnaut has teamed up with C12 Records and Canada’s leading Metal/Hard Core distributor PHD Distribution Canada to market and release their forthcoming album nation wide. As well Dreadnaut’s album and ring tones will be released and marketed digitally World Wide by accessing C12 Records’ arrangement with San Francisco based Digital Distributor IODA.


  1. Damon Dowbak Trio

    Thursday, October 2

    The Foundry




  2. SLOAN: Commonwealth Tour - Oct 8 at the Outpost

    Wednesday, October 8

    The Outpost Campus Pub


    $20 w/ Student ID / $25 General Public


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