Band Members 

Aaron Tocheri (Guitar, Vocals)
Greg Smith (Lead Guitar Synth)
Dave Ramsay (Bass, Vocals)
Colin Craig (Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals)



Date Formed 

August, 2010
Photo by Shannon Dobson (Cryptic Photography)


In the summer of 2010, three close friends and local musicians Aaron (previously of Flash Gordon), Steve (Penny Dreadful; Flash Gordon) and Colin (Noise Redemption, Grindcorcestra) decided to begin anew from their old band and started jamming in a tucked away jamspace on Red River Road. After several musically successful jams, the trio made plans to begin playing shows around town, and realized they needed to fill out more spots to complete the group. After a Terrorhorse show at the bar across the street one fateful summer in 2010, they ran into Dave (Vagina Wizard, Generals Gathered, The Bay Street Bastards) who quickly filled the spot of bass, and a few weeks later they invited their mutual friend Aaron Kainula (Android 16) to even out the guitar. After a few months of jamming, a handful of shows and experimenting with their sound, Aaron K. mutually left the band to persue another project. It was at this point that Greg (Scarty Crew) was invited to play, and after a few jams was inducted into the band. Shortly after recording and releasing their first self-titled album in October 2011, Steven amicably left the band to persue a degree in Biology. After the effects of this heavy loss were over, the band decided to keep going and kept on jamming, playing shows and constantly working on new material. They released a second album, "Get Back To Life" on October 13th, 2013, almost three years to the day of the release of their first album. Currently, Aaron and Greg live in Toronto, living and writing together while both attending school while Dave moved to Ottawa to persue his career. Colin still resides in Thunder Bay and keeps himself busy playing drums for Grindcorchestra when he's not working on his other project, Seymour Beats. The four of them still keep in touch, collaborate as much as possible, and are currently recording a new 3-song EP, not letting the over 3000KM between them get in the way of doing what they love to do: Making and playing music for anyone who will listen.

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