A New Machine

Band Members 

Collin Scali (vocals)
Ryan Eaton (guitar)
Devon Odette (drums)
Christian McMillen (bass)



Date Formed 

April, 2009


In the spring of 2009, A New Machine was formed. With vicious songs that draw influences from Eyehategod, serial killers, Sleep, drugs, Black Sabbath, booze, Converge, and many other substances and bands. Live they try to rape your mind with hatred, tear down the heavens, and get really drunk. Constantly getting shit on, but always taking a shower and coming back, ANM lives on. A New Machine has played with bands such as: Fear Before, Shai hulud, Dead and Divine, A Textbook Tragedy, Today I Caught The Plague, Exhumed, Fuck the Facts, Blind Witness, Baptized In Blood and many more. Be sure to check them live.

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