SIANspheric / Greenbank / Cold Lake Sun at Crocks

Friday, July 7, 2017 - 10:00pm
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Friday July 7th
$8 at door
19 + event


The two-decade-plus-long existence of Hamilton, Ontario's SIANspheric seems both improbable and poetic. The band's remarkable debut, 1995's Somnium, which Chart Attack ranked as #40 on the Top 50 Canadian Albums of All Time was followed by the expansive There's Always Someplace You'd Rather Be in 1998, by which point the band was on the verge of emulating a solar flare, its brilliant eruptions fuelled by unpredictable and destructive forces, as the band broke up and reunited about a dozen times over those 3 years. After 1999's Else compilation and 2001's The Sound of the Colour of the Sun, both hailed as classics in some circles, SIANspheric teamed up with Swervedriver's Adam Franklin under his moniker Toshack Highway on the double CD EP Magnetic Morning / Aspirin Age. However, following 2005's RGB DVD + CD collection and 2006's I Wouldn't Expect You to Understand 7" SIANspheric lapsed into hibernation. The creative itch needed to be scratched though, and by 2009 the band was back at work, and following two 7" releases in 2015, The Owl and I Draw the Line, October 2016 saw the release of their fourth full length Writing the Future in Letters of Fire, ending an epic 15-year LP drought. Like planets aligning, at the same time, the reissue of the classic Somnium was made available on vinyl for the first time ever in a beautiful double vinyl package accompanied by digital treats that include unreleased songs and brand new remixes. The band's new album, Writing the Future in Letters of Fire includes nods to SIANspheric's past while pushing forward — treading the line between calm and chaos… The album is a true past-meets-future revelation.

Crossing Canada for the first time since 2003 - celebrating the release of our new LP Writing the Future in Letters of Fire and vinyl release of our debut Somnium - fans of dream pop, post punk, psych rock, shoegaze and the like, don't miss it!

Listen to SIANspheric :




At first glance you might think they'd just stepped out of a time machine... Clad in denim and bellowing in three-part harmony, Thunder Bay ON's Greenbank Trio muster a sound that might have echoed straight from the 1960's Laurel Canyon scene. Equipped with smiling faces, socially conscious lyrics and great stories from the road, these northern troubadours deliver a performance you won't want to miss!

After a few years of touring extensively across Canada and the US, playing everywhere from cramped kitchens to sold out auditoriums, the threesome have been getting a taste for life on the road... and they want more! Quickly becoming known for their three-part harmony vocals and upbeat retro 60's sound, the group has already landed opening slots for Chicago, REO Speedwagon, Leann Rimes, Cheap Trick and even a spot on the David Suzuki Blue Dot tour.

The Trio's first LP: Money Machine (July, 2015) is a window into the trials and tribulations of a young band from the north struggling with life on the road (Suspended in Motion), the realities making ends meet as musicians (Money Machine), and our changing political landscape (Long Ride to Nowhere).



Cold Lake Sun is a Thunder Bay-based four-piece specializing in melodic indie pop/rock with a distinctive new wave flavour. With members originating from such far flung locales as England, Southern Ontario and Thunder Bay, Cold Lake Sun’s brand of accessible, tightly-crafted alt pop has a fresh and distinctly transatlantic feel. We blend bright, upbeat, original songwriting with reverb-soaked ambient textures and saturnine lyrics that touch on love and loss, mortality and dreams, and the relentless march of time.

The band began life in 2010 as a solo bedroom project by UK songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Robin E. Moss. Driven by an unquenchable need to create, Robin set about recording demos for an online audience…but always with an eye on getting the music out of the bedroom and onto the stage. With the formation of a full band in the winter of 2015, and that goal was eventually achieved. As a band, our influences are many and varied. We choose not to limit ourselves by subscribing to any one genre. Bottom line: if it sounds good, it’s fair game.

With a minimal online presence and, as yet, no official recordings, Cold Lake Sun takes a distinctly old school approach to the whole band thing – opting instead to write songs, hone our live set and build a grassroots fanbase. That said, plans for a full length record are currently in the works…watch this space.

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